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      At Ecoholic, we take the climate crisis seriously.

      It is, after all, the biggest threat to our beloved planet and our species.

      There are countless actions a person can take to reduce his/her environmental impact. Whether it’s his/her diet, the way he/she commutes, or his/her consumption habits.

      We are here to help with the clothing part. The fashion industry is currently the 2nd largest polluter on earth, but together we can change that!

      Here is how we try to do our part:

      Our day-to-day work

      In our office, we try to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

      Every new employee receives a reusable water bottle on his/her first.

      We have stainless steel reusable cutlery in the company kitchen.

      Single-use water bottles and cutlery are banned.

      our office recycling bins

      We have 4 recycling bins for glass, plastic, paper, and metal (soda cans).

      We print hard copies only if necessary.

      Our employees get up to 15% discount in some of the vegan restaurants in our area. This gives them an incentive to eat more plant-based food. Plant-based food is far better for the planet than a conventional, meat and dairy-rich diet.

      Materials and Printing Technology

      All of our products are made from 100% sustainable materials.

      Whether it’s organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, or any other.

      old fabrics meant for recycling


      We also use 100% eco-certified (by OEKO-TEX) water-based inks in most of our products. Those inks are much more planet-friendly than traditional inks.


      Most of our products are packaged in a recyclable cardboard sleeve. Even the delivery notes are recycled! We are constantly working with our suppliers to expand this packaging method to all of our products.

      On-Demand Manufacturing

      At Ecoholic, we do not keep stocks of pre-purchased goods. For each and every order, we only manufacture and print the needed products.

      for environmental reasons, we only manufacture when necessary

      By doing so, we are saving thousands of hours of work for people and machines, we are saving huge storage space, and of course - we're also saving countless GHG emissions produced by not manufacturing unnecessary products.