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      At Ecoholic, we strive to fight the climate crisis by creating a unified community that will spread the sustainability message all over the globe.

      We have made it our mission to make sustainable clothing stylish, cool, and affordable.

      Here are the core values our brand is guided by:


      We believe every individual has an immense impact on his/her surroundings.

      We are aware that the direct impact of one person on the climate is relatively small. But, we believe that one person who sets an example to his/her community can really make a difference. 

      It all starts with an idea. 

      One person buys a sustainable t-shirt. He/she starts talking about it with his/her friends. They get it. They understand the urgency. Then they start living by those principles. They buy sustainable clothing, they consume only what they, they buy reusable cutlery for their weekend camping, etc. Then, these friends spread the word to their friends.

      core value - Sustainability through community

      This is how change starts, and we are proud to be part of this community.

      At Ecoholic, we try to maintain sustainability in everything we do. Starting from our everyday office work (for example, all our employees receive a reusable water bottle on their first day. Single-use plastic is banned from our office), to the materials of our products and their packaging.


      This value goes hand in hand with sustainability. As far as we are concerned, if only one person was mistreated throughout our supply chain, the product is not sustainable. Even if it boasts negative emissions.

      We are aware of the impact the clothing industry has on developing countries and of the sweatshop culture.

      That’s why all of our products are GOTS-certified and/or FAIR-WEAR certified.

      We also feel that our compassion shouldn’t stop in humans. We believe that no animals should be harmed in order for us to be able to wear nice clothes.

      we have compassion for living beings

      We believe that whatever we put out to the universe, we will get back. Or in short: Karma.

      We do not sell any real leather or any other type of animal products. All of our products are PETA-approved.


      Integrity, Honesty, and Accountability

      We try to be as transparent as possible. We are first and foremost honest. If it involves losing some money, then so be it. We believe that keeping our integrity and credibility is far more valuable in the long run than making a quick buck. This manifests in our relations with both customers and suppliers.

      core value - honesty is the best policy

      However, we are all just human beings and we make mistakes. When a mistake is made, we make ourselves accountable and learn from it.

      Originality and Uniqueness

      At Ecoholic, we work with the most talented designers and illustrators to provide the most unique designs for our customers. Every design you see in our store is a result of hundreds of hours of work. We try to convey the sustainability message in various forms that will plant seeds in minds of different people and start conversations.

      all of our garments are unique and designed to inspire change

      You will not find our products in any other place, on or offline.

      We take pride in our originality and our unique process.

      Our Office Dog - Sigi

      Last but not least, we believe in our office dog, Sigi. She makes our days way more fun!

      our gorgeous office dog, sigi